Why Choose Forget The Gym Personal Training Over All The Rest?

Forget The Gym Personal Training is recognized as Las Vegas Premier in – home personal training company.   We are also the only personal trainers in Las Vegas to use the Bod Pod to help us shape your nutrition and exercise programs.  Forget The Gym also has a full gym located in Summerlin for those that would like to train with some of the best personal trainers in Las Vegas!

  • In-Home and On-Site Training – We get in, get on with it and get done with it! Our personal trainers and workouts are efficient because your time is invaluable.
  • Train at our Gym – We offer training at our gym, no membership needed!
  • Variety of Workouts – Our creative, innovative and customized cross training programs and personal trainers will get you into shape! Plus you are more likely to stick with it and succeed!
  • Education & Experience – All of our personal trainers have degrees and/or national certifications in the exercise science field. We have experience in cadaver labs, stress tests, EKGs and more!
  • We offer BOD POD Body Fat Testing!Our personal trainers offer you the gold standard in body fat testing. Used at the MAYO, the NFL combine, military bases and all major universities   We use this to help scientifically shape your exercise programs.

A recent study done by Stanford University states that exercising at home is just as beneficial as working out at a health club. Interestingly, the study also found people who trained at home were more likely to stick with their program than those who exercised at a club.


A COMPLIMENTARY workout is available if you’d like to try out our personal training service. Call (702) 706 – 4384 or email dave@forgetthegym.com